Hi! Grab a bagel (they're free*).

Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with start-ups, brands, companies and studios to create new realities. We aim to enhance the lives of people & the world around us by designing tools, services and products that inspire, entertain and create a better future.

We want to work with people that share our values. An openness, curiosity, togetherness and a desire to do better for the people & world around us.

We're a small company that currently works with a network of individuals to bring projects to life, but we are looking to have people join our adventure on a more permanent basis.

If you don't see an opportunity listed that feels right for you, please get in touch anyway as we're always keen to meet new collaborators.

If you have somehow ended up here without going to our website first then you can read a bit more about us or understand how we work in a bit more detail on it.

*Sorry, we don't actually have free bagels. We're working on a list of benefits and perks though, just like every other company has, so stick around and the bagels might come. Or if you don't like bagels, whatever it is you like, that's what will come.